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BYS Style Front Bumper Lip for Honda Civic 01-03 2/4dr

Front bumper Add-on PU Lip for 01-03 H...


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Product Description

Front bumper Add-on PU Lip for 01-03 Honda Civic 2/4dr

Details: Material:
  • Real PU (Polyurethane)
  • Black Color (can be painted to any color)

  • Including:
  • 1 x Front Lip.
  • Hardware Included
  • General Installation Instructions

  • Recommandations:
  • 3M double sides tape is recommended for the installation (not included)

  • Shipping and Handling:
  • $19.99 Shipping for all continental 48 States.
  • For Canada and other US locations please use our shipping calculator

  • Installation:

    Note: Images are for references only. All body kit items are shipped unfinished and requires prep-work before painting. Professional installation is reccommended. Minor adjustments might be necessary. These are normal body work and installation steps. In addition, most carbon fiber products are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable.
    For more details please visit the general installation page

    Most items are direct bolt-on without any extent modifications unless noted otherwise. Intended for Off-road use only.












    2003HondaCivicDX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicDX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicEX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicEX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicGX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicHX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicHybrid Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicLX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicLX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2003HondaCivicSi Hatchback 3-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicDX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicDX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicEX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicEX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicGX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicHX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicLX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicLX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2002HondaCivicSi Hatchback 3-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicDX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicDX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicEX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicEX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicGX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicHX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicLX Coupe 2-DoorAll
    2001HondaCivicLX Sedan 4-DoorAll
    • Model: HDCV01FLS-BYS

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