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Product Material

  1. Fiberglass.
  2. Polyurethane.


Don't be fooled by those fancy names made up by other companies. Just because they added "flex" or "hybrid" into their name doesn't make their product better. Since the beginning. MagicDrift.com has been producing products in FRP composites.

What is FRP composites?

"Not all plastics are composites. In fact, the majority of plastics today are pure plastic, like toys, and soda bottles, etc. When additional strength is needed, many types of plastics can be reinforced (usually with reinforcing fibers).This combination of plastic and reinforcement fibers can produce some of the strongest materials for their weight class that technology has ever developed...and the most versatile." - American Composites Manufacturing Association. ( http://www.mdacomposites.org/mda/frp_def.html )

Feel free to ask us any questions here.

AIT Material

AIT Plastic resins -AIT special plastic resin is a hybrid form of polyester resin which has been toughened with epoxy molecules within the main molecular structure. AIT resins offers better resistance to moisture absorption than regular polyester resins.

Gelcoat - provides high impact strength, excellent gloss, it is water resistance and helps prevent blisters from forming after laying the fiberglass mat.

Benefits of Fiberglass:

  • Does not expand or shrink with temperature change.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Chemical resistant (except for hydrofluoric, hot phosphoric acids, and strong alkaline substances.)
  • Electrical insulator


  • Uniform thickness through out.
  • No sloppy blobs.
  • 100% Hand crafted.
  • Aluminum material.
  • Will not rust.
  • Non-oily surface for easy custom paint application.
  • Gel Coat finishing.
  • Guaranteed to be less wavy than competitors.
  • Registered LOGO emerged into resin.
  • Beware of fake AITracing.com products.


Crack Fiberglass


If you are tired or scare of damaging your brand new body kit by buying weak material such as ABS Plastic then it's time to switch to real Polyurethane.
It is ultra durable and wont crack or break.
It basically will last you forever.


Crack Fiberglass


Our Polyurethane is not only super resistant but it is also more flexible it can bend without cracking or breaking.
Polyurethane body kits have a perfect fitment, it doesn't require any modification.
And it is lightweight !


Our Polyurethane body kit comes with a high quality black finish, no re-paint will be necessary.
(All the installation hardware are included)

Crack Fiberglass