General Installation Guide

General Installation Instruction for Polyurethane Lip Kits

Equipment needed:

·         Sandpaper

·         Assorted sockets and wrenches

·         Double-Sided Tape

·         Self-tapping screws

·         Drill and assorted bits    


For all of the MagicDrift polyurethane components, the preferred installation procedures are:

·         Pre-fit, sand, and shape.

·         Painting

·         Installation

If by any chance the lip becomes distorted upon arrival, simply lay it on a flat surface under the sun or use a heat gun to gently heat up the distorted area and twist it in to the correct shape by hand. Under conditions of high pressure and temperature, parts can become distorted. The polyurethane material can be adjusted back to its original shape when heated and stays that way after it cools down.

Please pre-fit all pieces to the vehicle prior to drilling any holes or paint. Once you are assured that you have the right aero kit you may precede. We highly recommend using masking tape anywhere the aero kit may be touching the vehicle body to prevent scratches during the pre-fit. Do any sanding, filing, or spacing necessary (before painting) for a clean tight fit. Spending the extra time now will assure you of a perfect “factory” installation.




1. After the front lip kit is prepped and painted, double-sided tape should be applied to the indentation on the inside of the lip kit where it meets the bumper/body of the vehicle.  This inner surface of the lip kit has to be CLEAN and DRY for the tape to properly adhere.  A residual-free cleaner is recommended to prepare the surface.  The surface of the vehicle should also be prepped and cleaned for proper adhesion.  For BEST results after cleaning, use of an adhesion promoter such as 3M™ should be applied to wherever tape will be used.  When applying the double-sided tape onto the inner edge of the lip kit, please make sure that tape is smooth and wrinkle free.  It is best to use multiple small pieces on long sections rather than 1 long piece.


2. After applying the tape, pull back approximately 1 inch of protective backing from the tape on each end.  Make sure the backing film is sticking out passing the edge of the lip kit so it will be easier for removal once the lip kit is fitted on to the vehicle.  Place the lip kit gently on the vehicle and make sure you have it positioned correctly (It snaps into place). While holding it in position, pull the tabs (backing film of the double-sided tape) while applying light downward pressure.  Work your way all across the lip kit and after all the film is removed, apply firm pressure all around to insure the tape has bonded properly. Use a heat gun or hair blow dryer to heat up the lip kit while it’s properly bounded to the vehicle to ensure a snug fitment. The heat will also help the double-sided tape stick better.

3. Use the provided screws to secure the two ends of the lip kit. Be sure to drill a pilot hole first.

4. Secure the bottom of the lip kit with extra self-tapping screws if necessary.

5. Enjoy your new lip kit and feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries.